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Addition Remodeling Contractor in South Charlotte
New Addition & Remodeling in South Charlotte

Older homes usually have plenty of character and charm, but may not have the space you and your family desire. Home additions are an option for homeowners in the Charlotte area who are looking for expanded living spaces without rebuilding or moving into a larger home. The addition of extra space, inside and out, will allow you to remain in the home you love in the neighborhood you love, while having ample space for the lifestyle you desire.

At SFCC Remodeling, we have plenty of experience with home additions in the Charlotte area. With our attention to detail and focus on proactive communication, we will ensure that your new addition blends seamlessly with your existing home.

This page focuses on a recent New Addition we completed in South Charlotte. Our goal was to update the home inside and out, from front to back.

We pride ourselves on paying attention to detail. Look closely at the picture on top to focus on the front porch since it did not exist before. Let’s walk you through the construction process.

South Charlotte Remodel Contractor for Addition with Porch frame
Framing for porch
South Charlotte Remodel Contractor for Addition with Porch almost complete
Porch almost finished, including extended roof

Now we head to the back yard where we extended the home out about 17 feet out. The shed was demoed. On the right side, you will notice the electrical power. The right-hand side shows where we had to relocate the overhead power to underground. The second picture that follows shows how we had to dismantle the old roof and then built a new roof. There was no way to gauge how much load the old roof could hold.

South Charlotte Contractor for Home Addition and Remodeling backyard
Back of home for addition extending many feet out
South Charlotte Contractor for Home Addition with Dismantling Roof
Addition required dismantling the roof
South Charlotte Contractor for Home Addition with Roof and Siding almost completed
Roof and siding almost completed

Now let’s go inside to see the construction process. We begin by waterproofing the subfloor. Notice the gap. We then move it up against the wall, then lay another layer just over the seam. Then we need to waterproof the seam too. Two floor drains are in opposite corners, so our client (with certain special needs) would have an area to push water down to the drain after cleaning. And the finished room shows how you would never know what may lie beneath.

South Charlotte Home Remodeling Contractor for Living Room Waterproofing
Waterproofing the subfloor, just getting started
South Charlotte Remodeling Contractor for Living Room Waterproofing
Waterproofing the subfloor, almost done
South Charlotte Contractor for Living Room Flooring
Flooring for Living Room is completed

Our company also specializes in Bathroom Remodeling, and here we focus on that part of the project. Look closely at the shower door. Notice the little notches in the bottom? That is for our client’s special needs to make it easier to wash the floors and push the water into the shower area. No detail was left untouched.

South Charlotte Bathroom Remodeling Contractor
Bathroom Remodeling for this new addition in South Charlotte.

Now let’s go back outside to see how the outdoor living aspect of the project turned out. It is easy to see the owners enjoying their new porch while entertaining in the back yard.

South Charlotte Contractor for New Porch Build
New porch for backyard enjoyment
South Charlotte New Porch for Addition
Outdoor Living with a beautiful porch to complete this new addition

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