Charlotte Roofing

“We needed a full roof replacement. Steve with Southern Floor Covering & Contracting came through with a superb job well done. Our neighbor commented that this was the first time in over 35 years that any repairs had been performed. The leaking roof was likely original to the 50 year old house and had thin dry rotten delaminating plywood with visible holes in portions of the fascia. Steve’s crew completely removed the old sheathing and shingles and then installed new 5/8” real cross-laminated plywood decking and beautiful architectural shingles. The attic space now has a code compliant venting system with ridge cap vents and continuous soffit intakes. All eaves and fascia boards were replaced as well. For an added touch, the chimneys are sealed with dark bronze anodized aluminum flashing. Since Southern Floor was already on the job, it was easy to make an old shed look new again with a fresh roof. All waste materials were removed and the yard was left clean. Invaluable was the magnet sweeper that Steve let us use for a couple of weeks: we have peace of mind knowing that our car tires are safe. The staff was courteous, and our brand new roof came in on-time and on-schedule. Thank you Southern Floor!”