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Roof Replacement in Charlotte

Roof Replacement in Charlotte

Whether you’re looking to update or repair your home’s roof, SFCC Remodeling is your best choice for superior workmanship. Some companies insist on using inexpensive materials and taking shortcuts. We, on the other hand, pride ourselves on getting the job completed right the first time. From small sheds to large luxury homes, we can tackle jobs of any size.

When we provide you with an estimate during the initial consultation, you can feel confident knowing that we will always stick to it. You’ll never receive any unexpected charges. We have the experience and the expertise to provide you with a fantastic roof while also working within your budget. With over 30 years of experience, we’re your roofing experts in the Charlotte NC area.

Wide Selection of Roofing Styles

  • Gable roof
  • Gable roof with dormer
  • Gable with valley roof
  • Hip roof
  • Hip and valley roof
  • Flat roof
  • Gambrel roof
  • Mansard roof
  • Dutch hip roof
  • Slanted shed roof
  • Cedar roof
  • Slate roof

It doesn’t matter what style of roof your home has, we can do it all and in a timely manner. Do you have a particular kind of shingle in mind? Let us know. Choose from asphalt, wood, metal, slate, tile and ceramic shingles. If you are unsure what kind of shingles you want, we can help. We will guide you to the right products for your home. Call today, and let’s get the roof on your home looking great again.