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Emergency Home Renovations in South Charlotte

While on vacation, a home in South Charlotte’s Providence Plantation had a water pipe burst in the third floor bathroom. Unfortunately, the homeowners were unaware of the incident, so the water poured out of the pipe for at least ten days.

When the homeowners returned from vacation, they discovered that around 30% of their home was damaged, as the water had trickled down to their main living floor and even to their basement.

A couple of bedrooms and a bathroom and a closet (on the top floor) were first flooded.  Then the water came through the ceiling through the sheet rock, then the hardwood floor and buckled up, then the trim, baseboard, cabinets, cabinet tops, fireplace mantle.  The water continued it damage by then making it to the basement.

They contacted SFCC Remodeling and we went out to the home immediately to inspect the damage and to develop a scope of work for restoring this beautiful home to its original condition.

We worked closely with the South Charlotte homeowners and their insurance company to come to agreement on a reasonable amount that would cover the home renovations, so we could get started on the work and get Claudaire and Kimberley back into their home as soon as possible.

We like to think ourselves as your single source solution for restoring your home after it has been damaged, whether that be by water, fire, storm, or by any other means.

Below is a testimonial from the homeowners, as well as a gallery of photos that we took during the project.

“SFCC Remodeling was a lifesaver and exceeded our expectations with our remodeling project. While on vacation, a water pipe burst in our upstairs bathroom and leaked for at least ten days before it was discovered. Approximately 30% of our home had water damae. Steve Wichnoski with SFCC Remodeling promptly developed a plan to repair the damage, worked with our insurance agent, and sat down with us to walk through every aspect of the remodeling process. The work was done professionally and on a timely basis. Any construction issues were explained to us in detail, and we were always given options along with their pros and cons on how to resolve those problems. In the end, every one of our instructions was executed to our specifications. Anything that needed to be adjusted, Steve fixed quickly. We are very happy with the work done on our house by SFCC Remodeling. We would readily recommend Steve and his crew to our family and friends for any work they might need on their homes.”

~ Claudaire and Kimberley M.

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