Kitchen Remodeler in Charlotte
Kitchen Remodeler shows New Kitchen in Charlotte

Here at SFCC Remodeling, we can transform your current kitchen into one that you’ve been dreaming about for years. Whether you want a new look or you want additional space, we have the experience and the knowledge to create exactly what you want.

From the initial consultation to the final inspection, we’ll work directly with you to ensure that not only is every one of your expectations met, they’re exceeded. This includes working within your budget, sticking to our estimate, and providing you with the best kitchen remodeling services in Charlotte and the surrounding Charlotte area.

This page focuses on a recent Kitchen Remodeling project we completed in Charlotte.  Our goal was to update the Kitchen while also opening up the space to make it more accessible for entertaining. We pride ourselves on paying attention to detail such as the under cabinet LED lighting with a color wheel and low LED lighting with a dimmer.

Let’s walk you through before and during the construction process.  In the next image we draw your attention to the wall and 4×4 walk in pantry that will be removed and opened up. We are referring to where the signs on the walls are.

Before Kitchen Remodeler in Charlotte
Before kitchen was remodeled

Bench seating will be there on the right hand side. The pantry will be removed where the walls frames and door are. The door to the left of the fridge was moved over by about 3 feet to provide more space.

 Before Kitchen Remodeler with new sitting bench
Before new sitting bench on right hand side

Before Kitchen Remodeler removes pantry
Before pantry removed and wall moved

Now we began our demolition of the kitchen

Demo of Charlotte Kitchen to start remodeling
Start of kitchen demo to begin remodel

Demo of Charlotte Kitchen removing counters and countertop
Kitchen demo removal of counters and countertop

Demo of Charlotte Kitchen removing pantry
Kitchen demo removal of pantry

Now the room is slowly taking shape. The schematics are on the wall. It may be hard to appreciate the feathering and joining of existing laid floors bringing two rooms into one. We pay attention to detail and this is where we show off our skilled craftsmanship.

During Charlotte Kitchen Remodeling Floor Feathering and Joining
Remodel beginning with floor feathering and joining

During Charlotte Kitchen Remodeling
Kitchen Remodel in progress

It is easy to forget how the transition takes us to the finished kitchen as seen next.

After Kitchen Remodeler in Charlotte
Kitchen Remodeler finishes New Kitchen in Charlotte

Here we zoom in on some details such as the contemporary range hood, veining quartz countertop and cook top bump out.

Kitchen Remodel with Hood Countertop and Bump Out
Contemporary range hood, veining countertop and cook top bump out

Kitchen Remodel with Bump Out
Close up of cooktop bump out

Now taking some steps out of the room allow us to see the sitting bench too.

Kitchen Remodel in Charlotte with Sitting Bench
Finished kitchen remodel with sitting bench

As part of our Home Renovations service, we also provided some work in the living room. This was a blank wall and we put natural stone and a cedar mantle up.

Home Remodeler in Charlotte for Living Room
Living room with natural stone and cedar mantle

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When we complete a job, we never take shortcuts to save time or money. You can feel confident knowing that you will always receive the premium workmanship for your money. We always use quality products, and we always get the job completed right. That’s our guarantee.

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