Bathroom Remodeling project in Charlotte

Charlotte Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

New Bathroom by Charlotte Remodeling Contractor

SFCC Remodeling enjoys working with unique situations to help our customers get the new bathroom remodel they desire. The above picture shows what looks like just another bathroom remodel job, but in fact had its own set of challenges.

The original bathroom was limited in space and we needed to utilize an extra 2.5’ by 6’ of space we were able to get from the bedroom. The picture below shows how the bathroom looked before SFCC Remodeling arrived. The limited space on the left-hand side of the photo is where the extra space comes from by using an extra master bedroom closet.

Old Bathroom before Charlotte Remodeling Contractor

This is the Old Bathroom before being remodeled

A lot of times a picture will help a homeowner visualize how the new space will look. SFCC created a few different 3D Renderings to get this Charlotte Remodeling job started with one example shown in the next image.

Bathroom Remodel 3D Render

3D Rendering gives a nice vision for our customers

Now it was time to get to work. It is hard to believe in this next picture where the old bathroom was and where the new bathroom would soon be. Look at all the extra space on the left hand side compared to the original bathroom picture above the 3D rendering.

During Bathroom Remodeling in Charlotte

Our work during this Charlotte Bathroom Remodeling Job

Wow. By looking at the picture above it’s hard to imagine just how beautiful it all came together starting with the sink and marble countertop as shown in the picture below.

Master Bathroom Remodel with new sink

New marble sink in master bathroom remodel

And as we continue to view the rest of the bathroom, next we see the cabinet storage area that offers a little privacy too between the toilet area and the entrance to the master bedroom.

Charlotte Bathroom Remodeling with new sink

Another sink angle of this Charlotte Bathroom Remodel

Toilet for Charlotte Master Bathroom Remodel

A little privacy between toilet area to master bedroom entrance

SFCC Remodeling has over 30 years of experience and provides only the very best in flooring, roofing, and remodeling work for both residential and commercial properties. Whether you want to update or remodel your property or build new, you can feel confident knowing that SFCC Remodeling is a design-build company focused on delivering superior customer service with every single job.

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